Makers of Joy

"Children are architects of joy, crafting happiness with every playful moment."

At Joiemakers, we celebrate their creativity, providing tools that empower them to craft their happiness and shape a future filled with imagination and possibility.

More Room for Play

Vertical Play Spaces

By simplifying our environment and decluttering living spaces, we can amplify the joy of play.

More Room for Play means we are creating opportunities for more meaningful play experiences and liberating spaces for imagination to flourish.

Quality time with the ones that matter

As modern parents, we desire balance, human connection, and making time for things that matter in our hectic lives. 

Get involved in the physical and symbolic playgrounds within our children's lives. Learn through play together with them.

Built to Last, Designed to Grow:

Sustainable Quality for Growing Minds

  • Responsibly-sourced materials: We carefully select materials such as FSC paper and recycled card to ensure our products are gentle on the environment.
  • Non-toxic inks: Our prints are vibrant and safe, made with non-toxic inks and water-based paints, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Long-lasting design: Our products are crafted to be durable, growing with your child to provide years of joy and learning.

Must-have for any modern parent

Vertical Playmat is a must-have for any modern parent. Not only does it look great in our home, but it is also incredibly functional. My 3yo has her dedicated play space that does not take up valuable floor space. She loves drawing on it, and I love how it encourages creativity and bonding time. 5 stars!

- Yvonne

Keep my kids engaged for hours!

I was hesitant about getting a traditional whiteboard due to the bulkiness, but the Vertical Playmat is a game-changer! It offers all the functionality of a whiteboard without taking up space, and it fits easily with my home decor. The Vertical Playmat and Wooden Playkit is a great pairing and keep my kids engaged for hours!

- Kelly

I feel like we are both learning!

We keep a zero screentime policy at home and this Playmat keeps my toddler engaged for hours! The Playcards helps me to play with my toddler in ways that support her development. I feel like we are both learning!

- Sher

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