1) Unboxing & Surface Preparation

  • Unroll the Vertical Playmat onto a flat surface.
  • Place heavy weights, such as books, on top of the decal to ensure it lays flat.
  • Allow the decal to rest for a few hours before applying it to your desired surface.

  • Before applying the decal, clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dust or debris. Some products may come in some stains from the manufacturing process and is not a defect. Simply clean with wet wipes or a wet cloth.
  • Ensure the surface is dry before proceeding.

(2) Peel off about 1/4 of the blue backing, starting from the bottom.

(3) Carefully apply the decal , bottom to top, to your desired surface.

(4) Once you have pasted and secured the bottom, lean your knee onto the decal as support while you continue pasting and smoothing upwards.

(5) Use a gentle surface eg, spine of a book, to smooth out any air bubbles and to gently press the decal onto the surface to adhere properly.